It’s one month today until we go into the studio to record our new EP.  After the last recording session, where we recorded Slap-up and Noblest, we decided that, as we are busy people with jobs, kids, pets, hobbies, etc that we would endeavour to do two EP’s (Extended Play Singles – mini albums) a year.  Our goal was to write 5 new songs to go onto that recording and we have now achieved that.  We go to Tsunami Sound Studios to record on 19th November 2016.  The EP has yet to be named.

The songs are again a multitude of genres to delight everyone and have subject matter from standing up to negative people, to enjoying the outdoors in Wairarapa.

The great thing about being in a band is that the more you play together the more you learn about each other.  Dave has been with the band a year now and we are really becoming a great creative entity.  The last practice had us all leaving Thatsus Music House fist pumping the air and feeling really great about the new material.  So much so that we are putting it into our gig at the weekend at Carterton Rugby Club and The Land Girl Cafe in Pirinoa.

Playing the material live will get it on point for the recording, playing live is like working it into three practices.  It may be rough around the edges but you will be guaranteed to love it.  From the hard out rock/punk roots of Crazy Life to the mellow jazziness of Having a Bad day it’s bound to be entertaining.  Can’t wait to see you all at the rugby club and hope you love our new stuff.  We shall see.

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