Crazy Life By Spank

Here’s a taster of some new stuff we are writing.  Crazy Life has lots of energy and is about mainstream media and about how it tells us how to live and has an impact on our life.

We have moved our practices to Thatsus Music House in Masterton on Friday nights (heads up to Shae for providing a first class practice venue) and we are now writing again for our new EP. We will be recording in November at Tsunami Sound Studios and we are very excited to have 5 songs that we are working on.  

The songs we are currently working on are “Crazy Life”, “Song for the Lost Things”, “Simple Pleasures” (aka The Tourism Song or Wairarapa Song – cheers Dave), a funky tune called “Make a Stand” and finally the most recent “Having a Bad Day”.

We can’t wait to get back into the studio to record and mix these fantastic tunes.

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