We’re Back

We’re Back

We’re Back (We’re playing Lovelands)

After the shock departure of Sheldon back in February the band have been busy trying to put themselves back together. Sheldon had been with the band for four years and his sound had become an institution for us.

We set about trying to find another person to replace Sheldon, this was hard and we tried quite a few people out. They were either too far away or didn’t suit the band.

Sam King now has taken the reigns though, plus he’s extremely local and called King so it can’t all be bad and yes, he’s related to the other two Kings in the band, being Nikki and Pete’s oldest son. He’s keen to keep the band rockin’ by adding his own blend of influences to the band, making the band slightly harder and a bit more metal (only a bit though) ha ha.

We’re playing Lovelands on the 29th September and this is Sam’s first gig. What an opener, this place is magic, I sure wish I’d played this venue as my first one.

We can’t wait to show off our new sound to the world. We’re moving into gig season strong and lively and better than before so make sure you catch us at a venue near you.

WANTED: Guitarist for Spank | Can you fill Sheldon’s boots!

WANTED: Guitarist for Spank | Can you fill Sheldon’s boots!

We’re looking for a strong rhythm guitarist who can play some lead.

Sadly Sheldon is leaving us to progress his career in cooking (he’s a pretty good cook as well). We are on the lookout for a strong rhythm guitarist.

Drums and bass are pretty locked in together and we need another member to help keep the rhythm driving. You’ll need to be creative and be able to come up with your own part for our new songs. Every 6 months or so we take our 5 new songs (a goal we set) and record them at Tsunami Sound Studios in Levin.  This keeps the material fresh, we welcome your input. If you have songs or ideas, all the better, we will work on them to shape them into songs. We work together as a team.

In the three and a half years we have been together we have worked hard. You can check out our past gigs page and see how many performances we have done, we’ve recorded 4 EPs and also we’ve helped shape The Gladstonebury Festival and brought many different bands to the Wairarapa.  Our passion is original grass roots music.

If you want to work hard and have fun, play lots of gigs and record our band is for you.  We treat the band like a business and thats why our fan base has grown. Nikki is a marketer and designer so she puts a lot of work into that side of the band.

We have a YouTube Channel, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, etc.  We’re on Spotify and Soundcloud.  We regularly enter Battle of the Bands.  We like to keep it current and fresh.

Please ring Nikki King on 06 929 8249 for more info or message us through this website on the contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Down to the Wire EP

Down to the Wire EP

Down to the Wire is released 18th November 2017

We’re so pleased to be able to share our music with you again. We recorded Down to the Wire on 30th September 2017. Originally we were set to record on the weekend of Nikki’s birthday but Dave’s Japan trip dropped in the middle of the preparations so we decided to put it back a few weeks.

Down to the Wire the EP, was truly down to the wire. Nikki was still frantically writing lyrics on the Wednesday before we recorded the EP. These songs truly are babies. Me & You was the song that was finally finished Wednesday before we went into the studio.

This EP, from a lyrical perspective is more introspective and looks at relationships. For the fans of irony and wit there are a few lines to keep you interested.

The music has somewhat matured and the band are more together. As a band we have begun to find our musical style more with high energy post punk, but we do have a tinge of country in there. Two of our songs feature Sheldon’s slide guitar (yes yes we finally persuaded him).

We will be releasing Down to the Wire with a big party at The Lake House Cafe in Masterton, with supports from Space Doubt and Ruth Mundy.

Simon our sound engineer, will be bringing his amazing sound system with him from the Spank invites gigs. What would we do without Simon Murcott and his ongoing support for live local music. Thanks heaps Simon. He is truly the 5th member of Spank on the occasions when we are lucky enough to have him.

Our photographs for the album artwork was taken the Wednesday after we recorded in the studio up at Sheldon’s place in Gladstone.  Many thanks to Robyne Kippen and Rene Clough for their help and support. Nikki can be a pain with this kind of stuff, being a graphic designer she likes to process the artwork herself, so thanks to Robyne again for being such a great sport, the composition of the photo was exactly as Nikki described and she loved it.

We mustn’t forget the help, advice and guidance given to us by Dave and Adele from Tsunami Sound Studios in Levin. Each time we go there they get to know us better and we come out with a mix better than the last one.

Please come out and support live music at The Lake House in Masterton, we are passionate about performance, in fact if you haven’t seen us you should come out just for that, as there is so much more to the live versions.

Take care and love to you all.



Spank at Music Planet in Palmy 29th July

Spank at Music Planet in Palmy 29th July

Spank to play Music Planet in Palmerston North

We are very excited to be playing in Palmerston North music shop Music Planet.

We will be bringing our hour long set of post-punk britpop influenced songs to our Palmerston North fans on 29th July at 12 noon.  All ages are welcome and our music is family orientated, energetic and fun.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Round the Vines – Spank to play in Martinborough

Round the Vines – Spank to play in Martinborough

Spank to play Round the Vines in Martinborough

We are very pleased to playing around the vines on 19th March 2017. Round the Vines is a fundraiser for Martinborough School and is a race around the town taking in lots of stops on the way.

We are not sure where we will be yet but this will be a very busy and exciting weekend for Spank starting with a fundraiser for Carterton School at their Gala, then onto Spank invites with Space Doubt and finishing with a bang at the Round the Vines event in Martinborough.

See you soon Spank fans.

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